Design Team Assemblage Clock #6 Lori

Hi Everyone and Happy Easter!

When we decided to use the Assemblage Clock for this challenge, I knew immediately that I somehow wanted a rabbit to pop out of it! I removed the bells and the handle off of the top of the clock and decoupaged the inside and outside with a cute floral napkin. Napkins have become one of my favorite things to decoupage with! I found a cute rabbit and to make the “pop” effect happen, I had to cut off the ears so that I could attach them to the top of the clock! I glued the face of the rabbit to the inside of the clock and added some shredded grass. I attached the ears to the top of the clock and added a cute PETER banner. The back of the clock became the base for the clock. Again, decoupaging it and gluing the clock to the base, adding some more shredded grass and a few wood bunny rabbits.

A little white picket fence with a “Bunny Trail” sign has been added to the back of the clock, more shredded grass and a sweet little bunny to the base.

I loved the challenge of using the Assemblage clock! This was so much fun to make and exactly what I had in my head for my challenge! I love it when a vision truly happens!

I invite you to stop by the store and see all of our creative designers and their clocks! You will truly be inspired to make your own!

Happy Easter to all!