Design Team Challenge Red/White/Blue Vignette Box #4 Angela

This challenge was a little more difficult to, not be inspired by…but to come up with a design that was…me artistically, but not necessarily about me personally.I know the challenge was called Red, White and Blue….but when I hear Red, White and Blue….I dont just think about fireworks and Fourth of July and colors. I have many family members that have served and are currently serving in our military.  This particular piece was inspired by my dad’s service in the Navy.  He had his reunion just a few weeks ago in Canton, Texas.  Every other year, he and several of his remaining shipmates get together and have a reunion.
Dad served in the Navy, on the aircraft carrier, the USS Oriskany, during the Vietnam War.The “Mighty O”, as it was dubbed, was in service from 1957-1968, 1969-1976 and was sunk and turned into an artificial reef in 2004.  It is on my bucket list to dive the mighty carrier, off the coast of Florida one day.The pictures in this piece are of my dad in his uniform, on the beach in Waikiki, Hawaii.  The other picture is of him in 2004, in Pensacola, with our cousin Larry, whom he served with. They were standing in front of the Mighty Carrier, after she had sadly been stripped down in preparation for sinking her into the ocean to create an artificial reef.  I cant even imagine how they felt about this, seeing this magnificent ship that served this country for so many years and was home to so many young men…..some who never returned home again.This piece was created using the Tim Holtz wooden box. I covered the box with a coat of gesso and black acrylic paint.  I then used heavy gel medium and adhered the gears and octopus to the box and covered those with the gesso and acrylic as well.  I then used various colors of the Finnabair Rust Effects to create the colors of rust patina created when something is submerged in water.This represents the sinking of the carrier and the underwater home, where she now rests.  The dive helmet represents the divers that visit her watery grave and the octopus that represents the sea creatures that now inhabit her many compartments, once inhabited by young men serving this country.  The gears represent her being stripped down to her bare hull prior to her sinking and the dog tags and American Flag paper represent my dad’s service to the United States Navy and our country.  The 65 is a bingo game piece that I had and I “rusted” it as well.  He served on the carrier from 1964-1965.  So while this is not Red, White and Blue in color….it is absolutely Red, White and Blue in my heart and the hearts of every man that served, lived and died on The Mighty O.  I thank my dad and each and every service man and woman for your service, courage, pride, honor and sacrifice for our freedom, way of life and this country.

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